35% of American workers say they would pass on the perfect job if they felt the company culture wasn't a good fit

The Stitch partner companies have come together to help entrepreneurial leadership teams get more out of their businesses. We do this with proven tools, disciplines and frameworks that align story, action and space to improve performance. If you want next level growth we can help.

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If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you’re a “doer,” someone who jumps in and solves problems and makes it happen. Hitting the ceiling can frustrate the “doer” in you because your success requires a shift in thinking; from working “in” your business to working “on” your business. From “doing” to “leading.” From a focus on “self” to a focus on “others.” These are not the same skills that supported your success. You need new skills, new thinking and a new approach to break through. You need EOS.

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Great brands tell a better story. They engage your people and motivate your customers to act. Great brands connect customers to a compelling promise delivered by aligned and engaged culture.Whether you are looking for the latest in ZOHO One™ CRM Design & Deployment, a Fractional CMO or a new positioning strategy that differentiates your offering, Stitch Brand & Strategy can help.

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The Buffalo Center for Cultural Innovation connects companies to the processes, strategies and work environments that align leadership, brand and space to support the business advantage of cultural excellence.The BCCI helps you awaken the purpose, potential and place of your organization. It accomplishes this by supporting a community of conversation around best practice services, professional expertise and strategic application of organizational culture.

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Add a Whiteboard to your Online Meetings

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Interrogator or Integrator

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Integrator's Eight Drama Killers

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