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The Four Areas of Focus

At Stitch we believe that every Leadership Team is bound to the same strategic imperative, to create a productive and positive work environment built on a culture of accountability. This means that your number one job is to perpetuate the production of products or the delivery of services in an efficient, accurate and profitable manner and generate the sort of work environment that is psychologically friendly to your employees — a space were people belong, learn, grow, contribute and innovate.

We believe there are four areas of focus that support your ability to do this well:


The purpose of your organization, your “why,” often emanates from deep within. Powerful brands align who the company is at its core with how it is perceived in the marketplace. In this sense, the personality of a brand is byproduct of its culture. Imagine Disney saying it’s “The happiest place on Earth” and then having a customer experience to the contrary. When people believe in the purpose of the organization they are unstoppable.


As organizations grow they generate more complexity. Complexity is the enemy of growth because it can hinder communication, learning and strategic clarity. Entrepreneurial teams may require new skillsets, disciplines and frameworks to order to break through a complex growth ceiling. Owners, leaders, teams and individuals must learn to think and act differently if they hope to unlock their potential as key contributors to organizational success.


Reliable products and performances arise when clear and repeatable processes drive quality and service delivery. Without process even the most talented teams struggle to perform. Key processes protect the brand, enhance margin and drive quality. Growth, brand equity and customer loyalty are derivatives of promises kept and process, at its core, is about keeping the promises you make.


Our physical spaces can reinforce our organizational and personal identities. We surround ourselves with the artifacts that remind us of who we are, from where we have come and where we are going. Space provides a tangible sense of purpose and meaning. When physical space aligns to reinforce the values, history and story of an organization its emboldens the organization’s intention and purpose.

These four areas interrelate with one another to provide deeper insights into the dynamics of your organization. Taking the Stitch Assessment is your first step in isolating challenge areas in your organization so that we might develop the appropriate strategies and tactics to address them. Taking the Assessment reveals your team’s perspective on areas of organizational strength and weakness and helps begin the dialogue.

Building Culture

Combined, these areas influence and shape your organizational culture. Most everyone is familiar with the idea that Culture is an important plank in your strategic platform. Organizational culture is formed in response to the experiences your employees have within the organization. From these experiences beliefs are developed and those beliefs drive behaviors. Cultures often appear organically (heavily influenced by leadership), without much thought or strategic intent. They are “reactions” to experiences that become commonly held beliefs. The best organizations have cultivated “strong” cultures that unpin their competitive advantage. Without a strong culture it is more difficult to attract and retain good people, more difficult to affect change, adapt to new opportunities and weather challenges. Maybe that’s why Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Our Process

The Stitch Process is comprised of six steps that guide and support your organizational transformation:

1. Discovery

We collect relevant data and materials to inform an initial interview with leadership used to identify potential cultural themes, goals and key objectives for the organization.

2. Diagnosis

We administer assessments of organizational culture to better identify strategic gaps and emotional cues that provide qualitative themes and concepts.

3. Dialogue

We provide key insights of our findings with leadership, conduct key influencer interviews and establish a change coalition of advisors.

4. Design

We finalize the program design, budgets and timelines.

5. Deploy

Internal assets are generated and the plan is executed.

6. Discipline

We conduct regular re-assessment, collect feedback and make tactical adjustments to reinforce behavior in alignment with key objectives


Nothing to lose. Everything to gain.

Take the free assessment in about 10 minutes, or feel free to reach out to us directly. We are more than happy to talk to you and see how we can help your business grow.

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